The Year of the Monkey

Flowers                       fruit                                                       Monkey King                                   

Handsome Monkey King with family on the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit...

We wish you a cheerful year.

Our favourite book for this year: The Chinese Classic by Wu Cheng´en: Journey to the West,

translated by W.J.F. Jenner, 4th printing 2003, Foreign Languages Press,

Beijing. ISBN 7-119-01663-6

Our best offer:

1195.04G.:      Suite: All Monkeys 

 An attractive ensemble of a Sagemono (in this case a Tonkotsu, a tobacco container), an ojime (the device that keeps  the container closed) and the  netsuke, which, riding on the Obi (the girdle of the kimono) keeps the contraption in balance.

Monkey, searching the flea

 Boxwood. Fur engraved and stained a dark brown, light, polished parts around mouth and eyes. Eyes double inlay of clear, transparent material (horn?) with black pupils. Natural  himotoshi. H 3,1 cm, 
B 3,3 cm.
Signed: Kôichi (K229, K141) on a polished spot on the right tigh. 

Ojime: Climbing Monkey

Boxwood. Unsigned, H 2,2 cm.
Finely engraved and stained fur, mouth and soles polished natural colour of the wood. Eyes with double inlays of horn. 

Tonkotsu: Seven Monkeys feasting on Peaches

Wood, unsigned. B 8,2 cm, H 7,1 cm. Partly stained and carved, partly polished. Dark fur contrasting with polished nose and mouth parts of the monkeys. Eyes with double inlay in light, transparent material (horn?) and black pupils.


  1. Jirka-Schmitz, P.: The World of Netsuke. The Werdelmann Collection at the Museum Kunstpalast Düsseldorf. Arnolsche, 2005. Abb. # 1032, S. 226: Tonkotsu: "numerous monkeys on a peach tree bearing fruit. Plum wood, fruit and some leaves of mother-of-pearl, horn and stained bone, eyes inlaid in light and dark horn. H. 8.7 cm. Signed on inlaid mother-of-pearl tablet: Ikkô. 19th century. Ojime: Monkey. Wood, eyes inlaid in light and dark horn. H. 2.7 cm, 19th century.

  2. Kinsey, R.O.: Ojime. Magical Jewels of Japan. New York. 1994. Pict. p. 8, N°. 11: "Tobacco ensemble with monkey motif, consisting of netsuke, ojime and tobaco container (tonkotsu). Boxwood, Signed: Mitsukuni. Collection Dave an Sandy Swellow.
    Also published  in Netsuke Kenkyukai Journal, V. 12, N°.  2, p. 25.

                    € 7.500,-




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